Uncle Boons Restaurant 

Case Study : "A Night at Uncle Boons" brand promo short film

+  creative direction  +  styling  +  casting  +  production

Uncle Boons, a modern Thai restaurant in NYC commissioned a short film to capture the spirit of their brand.  Inspired by kitschy kung fu films and 70's camera effects, the film tells the story of traditional Thai parents meeting their son's girlfriend for the first time.  Set to a 1960's Thai pop soundtrack, the video showcases the restaurant's energy in this playful narrative.


Food & Wine TV: Exclusive Film Premiere

Eater National & First We Feast

Interior Design

In partnership with Ann Redding, they were inspired to create a space that showcased the charms and warmth of a Thai home from the 1970's.  

Logo Design

Attaboy Cocktail Bar

Case Study: Instagram Campaign for Holiday Season 

+  creative direction   +  styling 

Attaboy Cocktail Bar wanted a creative visual campaign to launch their Instagram feed.  The campaign involves Attaboy's owners in a series of hijinks at their holiday party.  The images were shot on location in Cinemagraph format.


First We Feast - Award for Best Bar Instagram Feed for 2013

New York Magazine- Grub Street